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Dapaah Life Coach Mission™

Have You Found Yourself Lost, In Despair And Needing Real Life, Practical Guidance For Your Future?

After shouting and attending morning service, are you still empty and searching in your emotional, psychological and spiritual life? If you have questions, we got your answer. Join us, we will teach you how to get out the dark place in your life and propel to the light of purpose! Taught from the practical lessons of life and the word of God (the Holy Bible), reaching the whole man and helping you find a second chance at life! 1-on-1 Coaching is available also.


FIRST we give attention to where you keep your focus, how you use your language and physiology, and finding an energy that drives you forward.

NEXT we focus on understanding yourself at your core. It’s about having a strong relationship with yourself first. Then we move on to designing the life you want, and committing to making it happen at a level most never even try to reach.

ALL personal coaching must begin with respect and trust. It is not about what I can do for you, it’s about what you can do when you are focused on being accountable and responsible for your life and by being committed at a level very few even try for.

This opportunity will be limited to less than 30 people per year worldwide. Now is the time for you to be accountable and take responsibility for the life you want.

This personal coaching program is for people who are really ready to commit to life at the fullest. You must be ready to create the life you desire.

Be a part of this FREE life coach mission every day. To ensure you are a candidate for this personal coaching program and that this will best serve you.